The chain of teachers of the Kubrawi Order starts with the Prophet , extends to its founder Sheikh Najm ad-Din Kubra and then to the current Master of the Order Sheikh Azar Mirza-Beg bin Mirza Isfandiyar Al-Kubrawi al-Bakuwi:

  • The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)
  • The Commander of Believers, Ali (peace be upon him)
  • Hazrat Hasan bin Ali
  • Hazrat Husayn bin Ali
  • Hazrat Zayn al-Abidin
  • HazratMuhammad Baqir
  • Hazrat Jafar Sadiq
  • Hazrat Musa Kazim
  • Hazrat Ali Riza
  • Hazrat Maruf Karkhi
  • Hazrat Sari Saqati
  • Hazrat Junayd al-Baghdadi
  • Hazrat Abu Ali al-Rudbari
  • Hazrat Abu Uthman al-Maqribi
  • Hazrat Abu'l Qasim Ali al-Gurgani
  • Hazrat Abu Bakr Al-Nassaj
  • Hazrat Abu Najib Suhrawardi
  • Hazrat Ammar Yasir, Hazrat Ismail Qasri, Hazrat Ruzbihan Misri
  • Hazrat Najm ad-Din Kubra
  • Hazrat Azar Mirza-Beg

1. THE PROPHET MUHAMMAD (peace be upon him and his Progeny).

God says:" Turn altogether toward God in repentance, O Believers, that you may attain bliss" (24:31). It was asked: "O Messenger of God, what is the sign of repentance?" He replied: "Remorse". The Prophet stated: "The things I most fear for my community are following passion and limitless expectation (of worldly gain)".

2. THE CALIPH ALI b. ABI TALIB (may God be pleased with him).

His renown and rank in this Path (of Sufism) were very high. He explained the principles (usul) of Devine truth with exceeding subtlety. Ali is a model for the Sufis in respect to the truths of outward expressions and the subtleties of inward meanings, the stripping one's self of all property either of this world or of the next, and consideration of the Divine providence.


3. HASAN b. ALI (may God be pleased with him).

He was profoundly versed in Sufism. He said, by way of precept: "See that you guard your hearts, for God knows your secret thoughts". "Guarding the heart" consists in not turning to others (than God) and in keeping one's secret thoughts from disobedience to the Almighty.

4. HUSAYN b. ALI (may God be pleased with him).

He is the martyr of Karbala, and all Sufis are agreed that he was in the right. So long as the Truth was apparent, he followed until he sacrificed his dear life for God's sake. The Apostle distinguished him by many tokens of favor.

5. ALI b. HUSAYN b. ALI, CALLED ZAYN AL-ABIDIN (may God be pleased with him).

He said that the most blessed man in this world and in the next is he who, when he is pleased, is not led by his pleasure into wrong, and when he is angry, is not carried by his anger beyond the bounds of right. This is the character of these who have attained perfect rectitude.

6. ABU JAFAR MUHAMMAD b. ALI b. HUSAYN AL-BAQIR (may God be pleased with him).

He was distinguished for his knowledge of the abstruse sciences and his subtle indications to the meaning of the Koran.

7. ABU MUHAMMAD JAFAR b. MUHAMMAD SADIQ (may God be pleased with him).

He is celebrated among the Sufi Sheikhs for the subtlety of his discourse and his acquaintance with spiritual truths, and he was written famous books in explanation of Sufism. It is related that he said: "Whoever knows God turns his back on all else".

8. MUSA KAZIM (may God be pleased with him).

He was known as a person with very strong will and patience. He was misfortunate as he died by poison at Baghdad.

9. ALI RIDA (may God be pleased with him).

He was very pious person and had a mental contentment. He died by poison at Tus.

10. SHEIKH ABU MAHFUZ MA'RUF b. FIRUZ al-KARKHI (may God be pleased with him).

He was one of the ancient and principle Sheikhs, and was famed for his generosity and devoutness. At first Maruf was a non-Muslim (begana), but he made profession of Islam to Hazrat Ali b. Musa al-Rida, who held him in the highest of esteem.

11. SHEIKH ABU'L-HASAN SARI b. MUGHALLIS AL-SAQATI (may God be pleased with him).
He was maternal uncle of Junayd al-Baghdadi. He was well versed in all the sciences and eminent in Sufism, and he was the first of those who have devoted their attention to the arrangement of "stations" (maqamat) and to the explanation of spiritual "states" (ahwal).

12. SHEIKH ABU'L-QASIM b. MUHAMMAD AL-JUNAID b. Muhammad b. al-Junayd AL-BAGHDADI (may God be pleased with him).
He was perfect in every branch of science, and spoke with authority on theology, jurisprudence, and ethics. His sayings are lofty and his inward state perfect, so that all Sufis unanimously acknowledge his leadership. One night he dreamed that the Apostle said to him: "O Junayd, speak to the people, for God hath made your words the means of saving a multitude of mankind".

13. SHEIKH ABU ALI MUHAMMAD b. AL-QASIM AL-RUDBARI (may God be pleased with him).
He was a great Sufi and of royal descent. Many signs and virtues were vouchsafed to him. He was for some time afflicted with distracting thoughts (waswas) in purification. "One day", he said, "I went into the sea at dawn and stayed there till sunrise. During that interval my mind was troubled. I cried out: "O God restore me to spiritual health!" 
A voice answered from the sea: "Health consists in knowledge". 

14. SHEIKH ABU UTHMAN SAID b. SALLAM AL-MAGHRIBI (may God be pleased with him).
He was an eminent spiritualist of the class who have attained "fixity" (ahl-i tamkin), and was profoundly versed in various departments of knowledge. He said: "Whenever anyone prefers association with the rich to sitting with the poor God afflicts him with spiritual death".

15. SHEIKH ABU'L QASIM B. ALI b. ABDULLAH AL-QURQANI (may God be pleased with him).
In his time he was unique and incompatible. At that time the hearts of all initiates (ahl-I al darqah) were turned towards him, and all seekers (taliban) had a firm belief in him. He possessed a marvelous power of revealing the inward experiences of novices (kasf-i waqa-i muridan), and he was learned in various branches of knowledge. All his disciples were ornaments of the society in which they moved.

16. SHEIKH ABU'L-HASAN MUHAMMAD B. ISMAIL KHAYR AL-NASSAJ (may God be pleased with him).
He was a great Sufi Sheikh. It is related that he said in his place of meeting: "God hath expanded the breasts of the pious with the light of certainty with the verities of faith."

17. SHEIKH ABU NAJIB SUHRAWARDI (may God be pleased with him).
He was the author of one of the earliest Sufi textbook for Sheikhs and the followers of the Sufi way, a work entitled of "Adab al-Muridin" i.e. "Rules of Conduct for Disciples"

18. SHEIKH AMMAR YASIR (may God be pleased with him).
He was excellent in his skills to detect imperfections and hidden inner states of his disciples and by determining these mental states he assisted them to perfect themselves.

19. SHEIKH ISMAIL KASRI (may God be pleased with him).
He was the first Sheikh and Director of Hazrat Najm ad-Din Kubra. Hazrat was given by the Sheikh a dervish frock to show his taking of an oath.

20. SHEIKH RUZBIHAN AL-MISRI (may God be pleased with him).
Sheikh was one of the three Masters of Haztat Najm ad-Din Kubra. He made the latter the initiate of affiliation. Then the Sheikh demonstrated his regard for him by allowing him to marry his daughter from whom he had two sons.

21. SHEIKH NAJM AD-DIN KUBRA (may God be pleased with him).

Once he stated: "Our Way is the way of alchemy".
He also said: "Almighty God never puts on end to the chain of his messengers and representatives. God save us from this! On the contrary, he constantly sends us his messengers. They are the signs of His mercy and generosity."
Once he said: "The obvious quality of a holy person is that he remains constantly protected by God. The state of being protected is due to certain matters. The wayfarer
of the mystic way is aware of these matters; he knows that this state of being protected
is the result of the care of Almighty God".


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